Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chan Mali Chan

dimana dia anak kambing saya?
anak kambing saya yang makan daun talas
dimana dia buah hati saya?
buah hati saya bagai telur dikupas
chan mali chan, chan mali chan
chan mali chan, ketipung payung
di mana dia anak kambing tuan?
anak kambing tuan di atas jambatan
yang mana dia si bunga pujaan?
si bunga tanjung dihujung dahan
chan mali chan, chan mali chan
chan mali chan, ketipung payung

the verses of chan mali chan are structurally a four part rhythmic pantun. the first two lines of the pantun is called the pembayang and the last two line of each pantun is the message that the poet really wants to get at. the pembayang lines of the song chan mali chan refer to anak kambing.
in the first stanza, the woman’s skin is described to be as smooth as a peeled hardboiled egg. in the second stanza, she is likened to be a flower which is hard to get because she is located right at the hujung dahan.
ketipung, payung, intan and bunga tanjung are used as references to someone lovely and precious.
The Stylers (时代乐乐队) : Singapore pop music band

chan mali chan-fazidah joned

1960s , KL


Unique performance by a music band playing Malaysian folk song with simple and natural instrument which is LEAF.
Medley Chan Mali Chan and Geylang Sipaku Geylang - Some of the famous Malaysian Folk Songs.

KLCC (KL Children Choir) sang Chan Mali Chan for the opening of All American Boys Chorus Concert at KLPac - July 2008

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