Monday, February 20, 2012

mp3 that all choir members must listen everyday

Dear Choir members,
Mr Lim has prepared the following mp3 for all of you.
All school team and probation team members, it is a MUST, to listen to these mp3 everyday, from now till mid April.
You can play the mp3 and sing your part after listening to these mp3.
Always have the score with you, refer to all the special notes that Mr Lim highlighted to you during the practices.

For Music Comes, all should listen to your part (eg, Soprano listen to soprano part, Alto listen to alto part).
You must make sure you are very familiar with your part before you listen to the complete version.
For the piano version, you can listen and try to sing, and ask your friend/ family members to listen to you.

Mr Lim would like you to listen to "Pu Die扑蝶", performed by the Changkat Primary School Choir.
They are able to sing the way Mr Lim has highlighted to you.
They can sing the lyrics correctly and with good intonation and expression.
I really wish you pay attention to their performance and sing this way.

Music Comes: Soprano

Music Comes: Alto

Music Comes : Complete

Music Comes: Piano

Pu Die 扑蝶

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