Friday, July 20, 2012

Primary 5: Unit 3 Singing in Parts

My Paddle
Listen to this song, at first there is only 1 voice (solo).
Later (around 1 minute), you will hear another voice. That is the mixed-part singing that we will discuss from pg30-33.
Our text book only show part of this song, a traditional  Canadian song.
Please practice to use your recorder to play the song, sing the song with you group members and prepare for the assessment next week.

This is the recorder tutorial, but the starting note is B and it use the High E, you may choose to play this version or follow the text book which use the starting note, A.

This is another version, from 1 minute onwards, listen carefully for the 3 part canon.
The lady use 2 songs, My Paddle and Land of the Silver Birch, but the tune is similar and it sounds beautiful.
All 3 voices belong to the same lady, she recorded 3 times using Audacity.
Check to find out how to use Audacity to record your song/ voice.

This is the 4 part canon for recorder, but use another key, the starting note is not A , it is B.
They are Grade 4 pupils.

This version shows you the picture related to the lyrics.

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