Friday, June 29, 2012

Primary 5: Unit 1_ Prelude, Interlude and Finale

Listen to the Birdcather's Song (recorder). In  a piece of music, the beginning is called the prelude, while the end is called the "finale". the additional section of music inserted between the prelude and the finale is called the interlude.

Do the worksheet on your textbook, page 4-5.

Listen to the Trout. This is an art-song . An art-song is a song written for only 1 singer and is accompanied by a musical instrument, usally a piano.  Art-song are different from other types of songs because the lyrics are considered more poetic or elegant, while the music is composed to enhance the beauty and meaning of the lyrics. The most famous composer of art-songs was Franz Schubert. Please do a google search to find out more about him and his music.

This one shows you the song in it's original language and the translation in EL.

This one shows you the same piece by a Soprano (lady, high pitch)
Try to recognise repeated and altered rhythms or pitch in this song.

This one shows you the same piece by a Baritone (most common male voice, between tenor and bass)

Try to play The Trout with your recorder, it is fun!

This is the Donkey Riding by a children choir. Try to identify the main melody and the variation in each section of the song.

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